APRIL 23rd
We will be having a great sale coming up. We have big buyers from all over the state's coming in for this sale. So if you have stock you would like to get advertised for this sale just call the barn. JEANNIE will get your stock advertised. Don't wait! Consign early! The market is looking great! 580-622-5080

It is getting that time again y'all. Monday we will be having a horse sale. So call Jeannie  and get consigned early so we can advertise your stock. We will also be having a load of new tack in for sell. A little bit of everything. So come join us. Call 580-622-5080 to consign.

April 23rd!
He 14 year old buck skin, gentle, broke to ride, been in arena and gentle around mares. The stud is sound.

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All of these mates will be here for April 23rd sale

Monday is sale day!!!
We have 30 head of fresh cattle coming in for this sale. 21 bulls along with 9 heifers.